Three Months

A few months ago I started running. I was a bit overweight and generally feeling sluggish and creaky after a summer/lifetime of being pretty sedentary. So I put on the sneakers I bought last time I tried to pick up running regularly and…just started doing it, lest I overthink it and wind up on the couch researching all the exercise gear I need and whoops, I’m back where I started.

I’ve been using Nike+ to track my progress. This is what my first run looked like—pretty pathetic:


And only three months later:


This was a personal record for distance and time—the weather was crummy, otherwise I think my pace could have been a bit quicker.

I’ve run almost 200 miles since that first run and have lost 17 pounds, hitting my (admittedly arbitrary) goal weight exactly three months from when I started.

Three months ago the idea of running for an hour without stopping felt impossible. The human body is a crazy, remarkably adaptable machine.

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