Five Years at Automattic

Earlier this month I celebrated my fifth(!) anniversary at Automattic, where I lead our VIP team (and occasionally serve as its mascot).

Famously, Automattic is a 100% distributed company: we don’t have a central office, and instead everyone works from where ever they happen to be—home, coworking spaces, cafes, parks, planes, trains, and automobiles.

For me, when I’m not traveling or invading the offices of the country’s largest publishers, that’s my home office.

And I’m lucky to have two great kids who know when I’m working and will give me the space (and usually, silence) I need to do that. Once in a while though, they sneak into my office and we’ll take some silly pictures together. I hadn’t noticed, but we now have hundreds of these pictures spanning the past five years.

Many technology companies are generous with their salaries, employee benefits, and perks—Automattic gets all of that right, and so much more. The value of these little moments together is immeasureable.

If that sounds interesting to you, we have a few positions open on my team—and many more elsewhere at Automattic. Join us!

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