I’ve really enjoyed my Sonos wireless speakers since getting a couple Play:1s earlier this year. They sound wonderful, and there’s just something really neat about walking around the house and having music follow you from room to room. We’ve been listening to a lot more music together as a family, as a result (the kids’ recent favorites: The Beatles, and regrettably, Pitbull—although my three year old singing Timberrrrr at the top of her lungs is amusing).

But while the hardware is great, I find the Sonos apps largely frustrating to use—they’re only lightly-integrated with iTunes, and overall are just poorly designed and unintuitive to me.

Enter AirSonos, a Node.js project that adds Apple AirPlay support to your Sonos devices. You’ll need to install Node and the AirSonos package, and run the whole thing from the command line—none of which is particularly challenging (I got it running in about a minute)—but once that’s done you should be able to broadcast to Sonos natively from any of your devices.